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About Abbotsford

Abbotsford Prep School - helping children to be confident and independent

If you are looking for a prep school that offers everything your child needs to succeed, then come to Abbotsford. Since we are a small school with small class sizes, our skilled and dedicated teachers will have the chance to get to know your child, whilst making them feel at home. Happy and secure pupils are successful learners.

We provide the highest quality of learning experience in a safe and stimulating environment. Education empowers a child. The education we provide at Abbotsford Prep School offers the necessary knowledge, concepts, skills and discipline to equip them to make excellent life choices in the future and to be confident and independent.

A wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs are on offer at Abbotsford. Our pupils love sporting activities, school clubs, art, drama and more. You can watch the school production of 'Pirates of the Curry Bean' that our entire junior school took part in on 23rd March.

To find out more about Abbotsford Prep School, call 0161 748 3261.