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Latest News

Under the Sea with Pre-School

Pre-School have been learning about the huge variety of creatures that live under the sea.  We have discovered there are 4 layers of the oceans and scientists are still discovering new creatures in the abyss, the deepest part of the sea.  Creatures like the Blob fish, voted the ugliest creature on the planet!  This week we used magnifying glasses to look closely at shells and a real (dead) sea bass.  We talked about the mouth, the teeth, the eyes, the scales, the fins and the gills. 

In our scientist mode we did an experiment to show how fish breathe under the water and Mrs Fox learned a new fact when Mr Smart told us that fish have tongues!  In our artist mode we used various techniques to create a lovely display outside the classroom.  There are examples of printing, collage and painting with water colours.  We sprinkled salt onto the wet paint to make a lovely texture for the starfish, octopus, crab and squid.