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Latest News

Attack of the Evil Peas!

The Evil Peas have been wreaking havoc amongst the vegetables in Pre-School class this week.  First they fastened all the poor vegetables to a tray using masking tape.  The children thought this was very unkind and wrote the Evil Peas a letter encouraging them to be kind and friendly. We made "Wanted" posters and built a trap to catch the peas so we could talk face to face, but instead of listening to good advice, the next day we were greeted with another crime scene. 

Our brilliant trap had not worked, the Evil Peas escaped and they actually froze the vegetables in ice!  We freed the vegetables, wrote another letter and adapted our trap by making jelly for the Peas to fall into, and.....success!  Today we will be asking Supertato to visit next week so he can teach us how to become superheroes ourselves, just in case the Evil Peas get up to any more mischief!