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Promoting an Active Lifestyle

Green spaces and a variety of sport opportunities

Active outdoor learning and school sport is an essential part of growing up. Pupils enjoy being active learners, and your child will be presented with countless opportunities to use their energy and enthusiasm throughout their school day. Sport is one of the strengths of Abbotsford, and we believe that all children should regularly take part in a variety of stimulating and exciting activities

Your child will be encouraged to take part in as much sport as possible. We believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and promote participation - regardless of the sporting level your child is at. We offer a wide range of activities for your child to take part in, such as dance, gymnastics, football, rugby, cricket, netball, hockey and athletics.

Our beautiful grounds host an important part of the education we provide at Abbotsford where core skills in P.E., gymnastics and games are all boosted by activities in our own green spaces. Your child will no doubt enjoy being outdoors and having regular access to our extensive grounds.

To promote an active and healthy lifestyle, we also regularly host sports sessions ranging from team games to individual activities. Children love the variety on offer, whether that's during a PE lesson, after-school club or competing in tournaments against other schools.