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Academic Life

Developing Academically Successful Children

Learning is based on firm foundations, so in this stage our curriculum prioritises reading, comprehension, writing and numeracy. As well as equiping our students with the tools they need to thrive academically, these core skills provide the framework for our students to develop their thinking skills, creativity and individual expression in a nurturing environment. 

Our small classes ensure everyone has the time and space to contribute to class learning and to make the most of every exciting opportunity offered. This also means your child will receive the individual attention and support they need to reach their full potential at this critical stage of their development.

Specialist teachers will ensure that your child has the best subject specific teaching available, and that any extra support required will be given with a level of expertise that ensures gaps are promptly filled. Our specialist teachers work with children in Music, French, and P.E. For children with more ongoing difficulties, such as dyslexia, we offer continuous support throughout their time with us.

Although our days are structured to allow your child to develop a school routine, we aim to intersperse their taught lessons with activities and hands on learning. This ensures that your child is continually engaged throughout their school day and becomes inspired to achieve academic excellence.

By the end of Reception, most children at Abbotsford are working beyond government targets, and have a firm base upon which to build throughout their school life, and our highly skilled and dedicated teachers aim to sustain this record.