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In science, Year 4 are continuing to learn about States of Matter and this week.

In science, Year 4 are continuing to learn about States of Matter and this week they have been investigating whether all materials melt at the same temperature. They took 5 materials (butter, ice, chocolate, ice cream and a candle) and left them for an hour at room temperature to see if any of them would melt…. Whilst they waited to find out they shared some of their ideas about materials existing as solids, liquid and gases. One question in particular led to a request for further experimentation. When the children were asked if they could think of any materials that could melt and solidify again, several answers were forthcoming, but it was the mention, by Isabel, of a packet of Haribos that had melted in the conservatory during the summer that drew the most interest. Whether the Haribos would solidify again was up for debate. Thus a new experiment is under way to melt some Haribos to find out.

Discussions about whether metals and rocks would melt also proved interesting. The children marvelled at the various melting points of different metals, especially iron at 1530 °C, but then it was the teachers (Mr Cassidy and Mrs Blackburn) who marvelled at the fact that the children recalled their “Extreme Earth” learning about volcanoes and molten rock to confirm that, yes, rocks can melt!! Well done Year 4! ….

Back to the results of the investigation. Needless to say, most children had been able to predict that the ice and ice cream would melt but there were also a couple of surprises – the best being the fact that the chocolate buttons hadn’t melted and that the children got to eat them up!